How To Write A High Quality Post

The main ingredient to get high range of audience to your blog is by providing them with high quality contents. New blogger will be mostly struggling in this part. Before moving on to the topic, let us assume you already launched your dream blog. If not, start with 10 Things You Should Know Before Creating Your First Blog.

So, What is high quality contents?
How to create high quality contents?

Every new blogger have this “How the hell in this world, am i going to write that so called High Quality Post?” question in their mind. That’s not that hard to write a quality post, all you need is to provide some time for researching and gathering information for your post.

These questions are common among the new bloggers. As a beginner, I struggled a lot in providing better content for Fifa Modder’s,  my very first blog based on Soccer niche. But once I started writing more and more contents, I meant quality one, traffic came like a cake. Quality post plays vital role in bringing traffic to your blog.

High quality contents are used to engage audience to your blog. High quality contents are essential to drive your blog audience to greater extent.

There are 5 essential basics or ideas or whatever you call it may be. Make Sure you implement these ideas on your every post.

Always try to arrange your ideas in the attractive manner and grasp your audience with Engaging Titles.

Know Your Audience

Better know your audience. You have to be an audience writer to get more traffic. Don’t write for search engines. Do some research, find what your audience want and build content on that. Knowing your audience should be your first step towards content building because you are spending time and your work in content building. It should be useful to the people you aim at and should not be skipped by anyone. You should also know What to blog about.


Keep It Compelling

When creating long text contents, try not to use long paragraphs. Long paragraphs may make your readers skip a part of your content and the worst is they may skip it to the end of the post after reading your first sentence. Don’t use long paragraphs. Make sure your each paragraphs have 5 to 6 sentence.


Mix Up Your Idea

Mix up your idea with images, video’s and slide shows. Plain contents may bore your audience. Follow the image to text ratio in your posts. Multimedia contents tend to attract audience more. Make use of high quality images in your posts.


Offer Them More

If your contents are engaging, your audience will probably search more of your content. Give them a sign up or follow button to get instant updates on your posts. Give them a share button to share your posts in Social media. Social media sharing will increase your audience rate.


Give Them Knowledge

Focus on educating, entertaining and delivering value to your audience rather than a hard pitch for your product or service. Similarly, don’t clutter up their time with pointless content heated for SEO juice and links. Instead, ask what’s in it for them and how can you benefit and captivate.

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Abdur Rahman

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