How To Launch Your First WordPress Blog

Hello bBloggers, Creating a blog now-a-days will only take maximum of 10 minutes. But before that, you must have some idea about your blog. You must know the features you will be providing your visitors.  As a beginner, it is recommended to start with Niche blogging. Use this free EBook to know the different types of blogging and bloggers. Building a blog without realizing its key area is nearly impossible. Make sure you at least the niche you are planning to blog about. In this post I will explain step by step process of creating your first WordPress blog.

Most of the people will confuse between and The main difference between the two you must know is is hosted by the parent company Automatic for free of cost. However, you will only be provided with limited amount of themes and add-on’s. For additional stuffs, you will need to spend some $.

But on other side is a open source software. It must be self hosted. To launch a blog, you must have a domain and hosting.  These are the best hosting services for WordPress.

  1. Bluehost (Recommended by WordPress)
  2. Hostinger (Get 47% OFF on your hosting)
  3. Godaddy

I would prefer to go with always. But if you are planning to build a free blog, go for In this tutorial, I will be explaining about creating your first blog in only.

Instead of wasting more time, lets start crafting your first WordPress blog.

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

Step 1: 

Go to


Step 2:

Click the Get Started button on the top right corner of the page. Your web page will look something like this.

Launching your first successful wordpress blog

Step 3:

Click on Start with Blog button


Step 4:

You will be provided with some themes to choose, you can either choose a theme now or you can skip this process by clicking Skip this process button. You can change your theme anytime later.


Step 5:

After theme section, you will be asked to Enter your site’s name. Your site’s name must represent you and your blog. It must have the keyword of your niche.


Type your sites name. You will be provided with some of the suggestions. Choose a one that best suits you. Click the Start With Free button on the next page.

Step 6:

Create your account by entering your email id, username and password. After creating your account, the blog will be launched instantly. And also make sure to confirm your blog by clicking on the confirmation link sent to the registered email.

The address of the launched blog will be like You can now change your themes or you can make use of free add-on’s available.

Building a WordPress blog is really. It makes you look professionally without any programming language. If you still have problem setting up your WordPress blog, do comment below.

Abdur Rahman

Author: Abdur Rahman

Abdur Rahman is a B.E. Communication Engineering Graduate from Chennai, India. He loves Computers and Programs. He spends most of his time for redesigning computer games or coding new Android Applications.

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