How To Launch Your First Blogger’s Blog

Howdy bBloggers, if you are searching for a one-page solution to “How to launch your first Blogger’s blog?”, then you are in a perfect place. By now, you should have selected your Niche, Domain and Hosting. If not, I would recommend you to read this 10 Things you should know before starting your first blog.. But I know, you have already decided to host your blog in Bloggers. Instead of wasting any more second, lets start building your first Blogger’s blog.


Blogger- A Simple Overview

Blogger is Free Blog publishing service provided by the Tech-Giants Google. During 90’s, blogs are mostly used by Diary Blogger’s. But, once it’s advantage towards marketing is explored, many companies started to spend more $ on blogs. In today’s scenario, many blogger’s are using their blog as their main source of income.

Blogs from bloggers have both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Getting AdSense approval will be easy considering other platforms.
  • Can set up blog in 2 minutes.
  • You can use your custom domain for free.
  • You won’t get a professional look.

Name your Blog

I always suggest beginners to start with Blogger to have a overview on how to blog, and after a week or two it is also recommended to move to WordPress to make your blog look more professional.

Step 1:

Go to Blogger

Step 2:

Sign in using your Gmail account.

Step 3:

After Signing into your account, it will show up something like this.

How to create your first bloggers blog


Step 4:

Click on CREATE NEW BLOG button in the middle of the page. A new pop up will appear showing something like the below image.


how to launch your first bloggers blog

Step 5:

In the Title tab, Type the name of your blog. Here it is BackEnd Blogger

Step 6:

In the Address tab, Type the domain you want for your blog.

How to launch your first bloggers blog

Here “” will be suffixed automatically to the registered domain name, its recommended to purchase a  custom domain name,  configure it after setting up your blog. Click on the Create Blog button at the bottom of the pop up.

The blog is now in the air. You can visit your blog using your domain name. In my case To know about themes, pages, posts and add-on’s, Do grab and make use of Complete A to Z guide to build your first bloggers blog for Free.

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