The Secret Of Nagas – Book Review

When the second book in the Shiva Trilogy, “The Secret Of The Nagas”, arrived in the stores all its slick, rumpling, fang-baring glory as its prequel was expected. And Amish, as he likes, delivers spectacularly as foreseen.

Just About Author

Amish Tripathi, a 36 old Indian bank employee turned into a full time writer. He is very known for his debut novel “The Immortals of Meluha” which went on to become a potboiler in one night stand. It drove the author into instant stardom.

Here To Fore

The book is started with the narrative, mid-action, exactly from where the first book ended. And the breathless pace of the action hardly ever leaves us.

The “The Secret of the Nagas” is the second installment in Amish’s Shiva Trilogy series. This series purely based on his assumption that what if Lord Shiva was not a figment of a rich imagination, but a person of flesh and blood?. A man who rose to become godlike because of his karma. This is the premise of this trilogy. Thus this book interprets rich mythological heritage of ancient India and traces Shiva’s journey thorough the then Indus Valley civilization in search of evil and in turn destroying it. The Main theme of this book is about Shiva’s journey in search of the horrendous group of people called “Nagas”. In this journey Shiva was forged with surprising alliances and fights fierce battles.

This trilogy became so popular that the business world went on to say that “Amish is well on his way to become the Paulo Coelho of the ease”.
One of the announcement about this series is that the rights for “The Immortals of Meluha’s” adaptation have been bought by an American Director. So we could possible expect a Hollywood Movie about Shiva.

The story is action packed and is one hell of a roller coaster ride that won’t let you keep the book aside for a single moment! Kudos to Amish for bringing to us a daunting novel that is sure to remain a popular book for several decades.

Segmentation Of The Novel

The prequel ended on a rather surprising point, but secret of Nagas ends with a much shocking note. Starting over from where Sati was left under attacked by a Naga, the episode turns into a dramatic action sequence. From there, the story picks up and Shiva and Sati both start their journey from south to north of ancient India, with just one motto in mind – to find the evil Naga who killed Shiva’s best friend Brahaspati. Vengeance is the only thing on Shiva’s mind and he will not stop at any cost. For this, he is ready to make a deal with any devil. His dark path is surely to lead him on till the gates of the serpent kingdom.

By the time you read all this, you might think the book is done with its share of surprises and twists but no! There comes yet another epic secret revelation about Sati, and this changes everything. The challenges that lie ahead get more knotted when Shiva goes to consult his loyal philosophical lot, the Vasudevs, they leave Shiva baffled and his faith shaken.

Authors writing style

Amish has a skill to take the reader in a swaying narrative full of adventures. The details Amish carried out for describing battles and romance will push you further deep into the story. “The Secret of the Nagas” at times seems a bit slow compared to its prequel, might be because of his impertinent writing. Still, the book comes out with a fresh new perspective on what earlier used to be just blind faith. Even if we don’t believe in the Shiva’s legend, we will definitely enjoy Amish’s work. The book ends with yet another twist in the tale and we have now to wait for the third installment of the series “The Oath of the Vayuputras” to know what finally happens.

What did I like?

This novel is an amazing blend of gifted writing and an extraordinarily creative mind. What it creates is beyond words and will become everyone’s instant favorite.

Reaction To The Book

I guarantee you that it will be a great delight for the readers, just try it out.

What Can You Expect?

Unexpected twist, turns and roller coaster are awaiting once you cross the two third mark of the book.

Unexpected twist, turns and roller coaster are awaiting once you cross the two third mark of the book.
Plot - 9
Characters - 6
Writing Style - 6
Climax - 9
Entertainment Quotient - 7

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