The Filth – Book Review

User Rating: 7.1

The Filth is written by Duncan MacLaughlin, an ex-cop of Scotland yard. This is all about the case he investigated during his reign in drug and regional crime squad. The plot hold the timeline just after world war II.

What is the story line?

Duncan MacLaughlin was one of the new Scotland yard elite cop. He served two decades in both drug squad and Regional crime squad. He was involved in investigation of Kenneth Noye, the pursuit of kidnap victim Stephanie Slater, the murder of PC Keith Blakelock and Operation Emerge – the seizure of a tonne of cocaine, tracked from South America. He and his colleagues penetrated international drug cartels and nailed the ruthless barons who controlled them.

The story is separated into two parts. One is around his childhood days, families and an elite copper in Scotland yard. And another is concerned about his career as Filth, a CID. Duncan speaks about lots of emotions during the world war II. He also elaborates about his father’s outstanding accomplishment during the global war. It brings emotional fecklessness inside us. Once McLaughlin began his life as filth the emotions were turned into adventures.

How good are the characters?

The Filth consists of parade of characters, Dunkun knows how to signify every character he created throughout the pages. The story is subdivided into chapters which prominates each crime scenes. So, you will dumped by lots of new characters as you flip the chapters away.

The writing style and the plot

Duncan McLaughin writing style is good. He portrayed the secrets of the police department deliberately with his jargons and slangs now and then. I was also inspired by Dunkun’s humors.

The Plot is a recreation of a true crime, so it’s important to add some amount of solemnity, which author missed here and there. In some places, it was blunt where he could have explained it better.

The Climax

In the final pages of the book, the protagonist travels to Jamaica to seize a money laundering group, instead he faces his life’s most destructive situation. The best part about the climax is author’s humor. He injected his wittiness even in the grave situation.

The Final Verdict

I’m surprised to see the author to reveal the behind the crime scene details to such a great extent. This story is filled with black humor, gritty slang and investigative detail that only an ex-cop could reveal.

source : Netgalley

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