That Journey With Him – Book Review

Love/Crush/Infatuation, whatever we call it, is such a wonderful feeling. It gives us an emotion that cannot be explained but can be felt and cherished. Everything seems dandy when we are in love. Everything seems to be happy and lively. However, as he the coin has the other side, love comes with pain. It can be devastating, Nobody will be able to prepare you for the emptiness you feel, when you lose your first love

– Karthick, That Journey With Him

I’m not a biggest fan of romantic novels out there but yes, it’s true that “That Journey With Him” will remain in the list of the best romantic novels I have ever read. That Journey With Him might be the first book by TVS Prasad but it will remain as a gem in my cupboard hereafter.

Cover and Description

I received this book along with “I wish I had not married my love” a month back. I’m not much pleased with its cover at the first sight and now i’m regretting it. Even if I have read the description, I would have started reading it back then. One part which i’m not impressed from this book is its cover. It could have been better.

This book also reminded me of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

What is the storyline?

To be frank I don’t even know how to wrap up the story line without revealing its identity.

The story starts with Sanjana, a software engineer working in Chennai boarding a train to her hometown Hyderabad for the matchmaking process of her marriage. She meets a guy on his journey who lends her his kindle to read a intriguing novel named “That journey with her” in which the reader will ultimately become a character within it. Out of curiosity, she starts reading the book.

The story has two plots which i’m not interested in revealing now.

What about the writing style?

Prasad, makes use of a simple language. In order to establish a settle with his young readers, he uses semi-formal and partly-slang language through out his book which works really well suited on all the characters.

I also liked the way Sudeep has made good use of perception intermixing with the narration wherever required. It just adds another feather to his crown of storytelling abilities and is resulted as much better way of expressing emotions and pain of all the characters.

Even though a major part of the book deals with the story inside the kindle, Prasad made sure it doesn’t seem awkward or fell out of place.
Another thing that I wonder about Prasad’s story telling is that he has a ability to make his story relatable to every reader who might pass along the floor and flawlessly shuffled them in his stories.

How good are the characters?

I’m going to leave this section blank, please let me know how you feel about each and every character in the comments.
FYI: My favorite will be “NIDHI” and I’m not going to let you know why.

What about the climax?

Even though the story remains predictable now and then, it’s Prasad’s narration that keeps us at the edge of the seats. However I’m pretty damn sure you can’t guess the climax. It is one of the best twisted climax I came up in the last few books.

What did I like?

I loved everything about “That Journey with him”. No disappointments! No disagreements!

Final Verdict and the entertainment quotient

In the end, the entertainment quotient of the book is enough for me to recommend this book to all sort of youngsters. It addresses many issues which youngsters face when it comes to college, school, first love, break-up and friendships and because of this, it will be relatable to the readers who choose to pick it.

Who knows, you might also find yourself between the pages.

Pick That Journey With Him if

No if’s, just pick it and you won’t regret.

Don’t Pick That Journey With Him if –

I pity those who miss this gem.

Source : The Book Planet PR

I pity those who miss this gem.
Plot - 9
Characters - 10
Writing Style - 9.5
Climax - 9
Entertainment Quotient - 8

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