Harry’s War – Book Review

Harry’s War is a fiction story written by Ed Benjamin, an ex-aircraft maintenance officer in US military. It’s all about military aviation action adventure thriller that makes you put right in the cockpit of a fighter jet in air combat.

What is the story line?

In 2003 an United States fighter jet pilot Harry flying in a combat air patrol mission over Iraq’s Airspace. He was patrolling with his wingman suddenly an alert from AWACS, he was about to be attacked by Iran’s fighter jets. Iran’s four fighter jets came into an action where Harry and his wingman only present in the patrol mission. A missile had strike his wingman and he was down. Now Harry is the only one facing the deadliest four aircraft without any aid of backups. The rest of the story will deal with Harry’s survival from this event.

It may look like a simple story but when reading it you will be drag you into the situation and you will get explored to the world of air combat. You will get a good fighter jet air combat experience if you had played War games because you can visualize the actual incident happening.

How good are the characters?

In Harry’s War Characters are very less. Author didn’t use much characters. The whole story revolves around Harry and Harry only. It also consists of some important character like Colonel James named as “Bulldog”. He was the commanding officer of Harry, Other than him author does not give more backdrop of other character. As far as I feel author have characterized harry very well and good.

I would have loved if some emotional drama spotted during other pilot’s attack. It might have involved readers more in to the story.

The writing style and the plot

Ed Benjamin has a very good writing style. The beginning of the story makes you feel like you are in that aircraft wearing the aviation suite and ready to enter the combat. His writing style makes you sit right in the cockpit. I like his way of detailing the minute aircraft details and type of arms used.

Each chapter consist of aftermath of the incident. In this aftermath Harry discovers how to fight and survive in life. The complete story consists of very simple words which can be understood by everyone.

The Climax

As far as the climax is concerned, I was little bit disappointed. The reward Harry needed was not given as expected. But the way author carried the emotions scored for him. Lots of emotions have been carried and injected into readers mind with his writing. Harry’s war is not about the war of combat, but his war of life.

The Final Verdict

My suggestion would be to pick this book. This story tells how man survives in one of the toughest combat but apparently losses life. Even though the story is about Harry’s survival in the air combat, the main theme is a soldiers life in and out of the fighting field. Some books are meant to be read, this is one of such.

Source: NetGalley

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