How I Fixed Blank Visual Editor Error In My WordPress Blog

I have been writing in this blog for a while, but last few days I was handcuffed by this Blank Visual Editor crap. One of the thumb rules in blogging is that every new blog must be filled with high-quality original contents regularly or else the blog will fade away. So when you are not posting anything, you are literally sinking your blog into this huge society of online community.

Now, What the heck is this “Blank Visual Editor”?

You know what, It is nothing but a simple technical error caused by WordPress itself to stop you from posting any further articles. 😛

See the screenshot below,


As you can see in the above image, there will not be any buttons, texts,  insertion point and even if I click somewhere with in this white area, it literally stopped responding.

As far as I know, the majority of WordPress bloggers are using visual editors only, because of its simplicity and power. So, this blank visual editor stuff will brutally blow your blog in the negative direction.

When I first came over this error, I thought that it is happening because of my slow internet connection. But when it continued after a couple of days, I browsed the internet to find some fix for this error.

Fix For Blank Visual Editor

Each website gave me a different type of cure for this error. Let me list you some of those suggestions.

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Abdur Rahman

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