How To Drive More Traffic Using Facebook Promotion Strategy 2017

Facebook promotion is one of the best ways to gain the huge amount of traffic to your website. With nearly 2 billion monthly users, it is really foolish to leave such a resource. The another advantage of using Facebook is that it has a high probability of grabbing the targeted audience.  This billion users social network is also one of the key areas which likely to have the impact on your website’s SMO.

So what is SMO?

Social Media Optimization or SMO is the way of optimizing your website. Like SEO, social media optimization plays a vital role in the development of your blog or website. SMO mostly deals with the social signals, that is more of Off-Page optimization than On-Page Optimization. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter are considered as best place to develop your brand.

To be frank, nowadays every blogger with or without knowledge considering Facebook as their key source of traffic. But the matter of fact is to know whether you are moving on the right track or not. So in this topic, I will try to cover everything(maybe on updates :)) about getting traffic from Facebook.

Let me ask you a simple question.

Do you know anything about Facebook’s Edge Rank?




facebook marketing infographic


Considering the above factors will surely have some profitable impact in your blog’s traffic.

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Abdur Rahman

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