DoFollow And NoFollow : A Comprehensive Beginners Guide – 2017

DoFollow and Nofollow links are the ones used in link building techniques. Understanding these DoFollow and Nofollow links are vital in the field of SEO because they are the building blocks of On-Page SEO.

So what the hell is this link building technique?

Link building is nothing but stuffing your article with links. To be more specific, it is nothing but linking external pages of some website with your article. It may either be a link from your own website or may be a link from other websites.


Why Should I Link Other People Articles?

If you are really thinking not to link any external pages in your article, let me explain you some of the benefits.

Since it is the important aspect of search engine optimization, link building will earn you the higher rank in google. Whenever you link some web page in your article, the other person may also link back your article. Thus you may get a backlink. Everything in link building is just to gather some high-quality link juices.  The best way to provide back link to other webmaster is by adding their keyword in the anchor text.


OOPS! So, What Is This Link Juice Now?

The process of passing links from one page to other is called link juice. It’s just simple that If the path continues, the link juice follows. If not, it will stop. So, the links included in these link juices will get backlink based on a number of links in this link juice. Backlinks will also be based on the Page Rank of the article linking the corresponding web page.Google Penguin uses page ranks to determine the quality of the page.

Now you have the basic knowledge to understand the concept of DoFollow and NoFollow. Here are the simple key points you should know before continuing with this article.

  1. Link building is nothing but linking other pages in the article.
  2. Whenever web sites link your web pages, you will be getting a backlink.
  3. The quality of the backlink depends on the PR of the page linking your article.
  4. More quality backlink will lead to higher google rank.

DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Understanding DoFollow Links

DoFollow links are nothing but the link in the link juices that passes the strength of the current linking page with the linked article. Here, strength is the page rank associated with the linking page.

Since Dofollow links from High PR websites increases the page rank. Most of the bloggers started to spam in the comment system of other High PR sites just to add them a backlink.

So, Matt Cutts and Jason Shellan introduced the concept of NoFollow attribute.

What Is NoFollow Link?

When the link is assigned with the NoFollow attribute, the link juice will not pass the strength with the linked page. Thus, most of the blogger made their comments section NoFollow which in turn reduced the spam comments.

Technically, NoFollow link is an HTML attribute which is used to instruct the search engine bots whether or not the hyperlink should be influenced to rank the link target in the search engine index. These steps must also be included while optimizing images for search engines also.

Adding DoFollow And NoFollow Attributes

The link attribute “rel” can be incorporated using the HTML section of your post. Adding the simple code rel=”nofollow” is enough to change the attribute. By default, all the links will be dofollow. So, there is no need to add the dofollow attribute to your link.

Example of DoFollow attribute

<a href=””>Facebook</a>

Example of NoFollow attribute

<a href=” rel=”nofollow”>BackEndBlogger</a>

This attribute can be added to the meta tag also. By doing so, all the links in the article page will be of NoFollow.

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”/>

Always use nofollow attribute when you link with spam websites like affiliates. NoFollow links are also useful for driving a good amount of traffic to your website. A NoFollow link in the well-placed comment may not build your backlink but it will surely build your brand.

NoFollow Links = Will Not Pass SEO Juices.

DoFollow Links = Passes SEO Juices.


Link Attributes And Search Engines

Each search engine has separate algorithm to rank the web pages in their index. The above article mostly concentrated about the Google Penguin algorithm, however, most of the algorithms will be more or less similar. Quora also has some valuable points related to link building.

GOOGLE PENGUIN: Google will look at NoFollow links but will not pass the link juice thus it won’t be included in the algorithm calculation.

YAHOO: Yahoo will follow the NoFollow links, but will exclude them during page rank calculation.

BING: Bing will not follow NoFollow links and excludes it from ranking calculation.

By the end of the day, DoFollow and NoFollow links are nothing but linking target pages in your webpage using keyword stuffed anchor text in order gain higher search engine ranking.

Still, have doubt? just ping us through the comment system. Especially don’t use it to share your link love with us 🙂 We provide backlinks through the guest post, not by comments.





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