The Conversationalist – Book Review

On the first look it is the cover and the description that allured me. The cover looked captivating and the description promised lot of thrill with something scary hiding in between. The concept is definite winner at least for me but what about the execution. Instead of interpreting it as […]

Harappa – Book Review

Just Finished and diving straight into the review with my thoughts still fresh. Harappa gets an extra star for Vineet’s way of blending history, mythology, religion and crime. While I did enjoy the pages for its way of drawing me into the story of primitive metropolitan and its enlightenment, it […]

Harry’s War – Book Review

Harry’s War is a fiction story written by Ed Benjamin, an ex-aircraft maintenance officer in US military. It’s all about military aviation action adventure thriller that makes you put right in the cockpit of a fighter jet in air combat.   What is the story line? In 2003 an United […]

Reincarnation – Book Review

Reincarnation has a beautiful cover and a pleasing story outline. One look at both was enough for me to get the ARC on my kindle and get started. Before reading the book, I went on to search for the perspective of others around, however, it is a bit misleading. The […]

mahabharata secret

The Mahabharata Secret – Book Review

My first impression of The Mahabharata Secret were great. A single look into the cover and I was completely dragged. The blurb at the back also made a equal haul and hence I happily picked it up. Read further to know my musings on “The Mahabharata Secret” and why you […]