How Blog Commenting Can Help You To Drive Targeted Traffic

A few years back, blog commenting is considered as one of the best ways to reach the targetted audience. But, some black hat bloggers came with a new idea called “spam commenting” which later drained the market of blog commenting strategy.  Now, as most of the blogs are aided with spam blockers. Using this strategy nowadays will drive the targetted audience to your blog.

So have you ever wondered, why some blog has hundreds of comments in their post?

The two main reason behind those tons of comments is “backlinks” and “traffic“.

Following above methods will increase your site traffic along with backlinks. If you know a better way to publish the comment, ping us through our comment system.



Abdur Rahman

Author: Abdur Rahman

Abdur Rahman is a B.E. Communication Engineering Graduate from Chennai, India. He loves Computers and Programs. He spends most of his time for redesigning computer games or coding new Android Applications.

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