Best Way To Create a Wikipedia Like Website In Five Simple Steps

As you all know Wikipedia is the one-stop destination for all kind of queries and resources which is extensively administered by volunteers. However, I feel like Wiki is still not a full-fledged encyclopedia (I still believe Wikipedia is hiding some resources from public’s eye). But as a whole Wikipedia has a whole lot of stuff. So if you want to create a website like Wikipedia it just takes merely an hour to do so.

5 steps to create a Wikipedia like Website using MediaWiki

I actually have my own wiki replica site for articles other than blogging kind of stuff which I don’t want to mix it up in this blog. You can have a look at it at WikiSkuare.

The below definition is about Wikipedia on Wikipedia “A wiki is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.” The Main advantage of the wiki-like website is that it brings people with common interest together.

This post will simply contain the steps I followed to build my initial Wikipedia site.



The following entities are required to launch your first wiki-like website.

  1. Hosting Plan
  2. Domain Name
  3. Wiki Software


I believe most of you know how to buy a hosting plan along with domain name. If you are so new here, you can have a look at my free Newbie Bloggers Ebook which eventually contains all the steps needed to buy a hosting plan and domain name.

Quick Startup

Best Hosting and Domain name Registrar

  1. Bluehost
  2. Godaddy
  3. Hostinger

Now I will be straight away moving on to the third one, Wiki Software.


Wiki Software

Wiki software’s is a set of web pages that allow us to build Wikipedia look-alike. Some of the best wiki-like software’s are listed below.

Media Wiki

Media wiki is one of the best software to build your Wikipedia like the website. In fact, all Wikipedia pages are built and posted on top of this Media Wiki software. The only disadvantage is all the contents generated by Media Wiki should also adhere to the Creative Common Share-Alike License, which means they are all free to distribute and use. It is completely free wiki software package written in PHP. Media Wiki can accommodate any number of users based on the organizations need. It comes up with dozens of add-on extensions which actually adds the additional feature to your basic wiki site. This list contains sites built upon MediaWiki.


Wikia is a website made of tons of wikis. That’s why it is often referred as wiki farm. If you are not willing to pay for hosting or just looking for a simpler option, Wikia would be your best pick. All you have to do is to browse through various types of wikis and join and create them right from your homepage. Wiki ultimately sorts everything under single username and password. Like Media Wiki, you can also create a page if that doesn’t exist.

This two are the best and well-suited option of free Wiki service. But if you are looking for something more, you might try Wikispace or Wikidot. They offer both premium and some pretty free options.


Wiki Dot

With a free account on Wikidot, you will be adding 5 sites with 300 MB of storage for each of them. The unlimited number of pages, custom CSS themes, backup capability, domain mapping and membership roles and permissions are some of its advantages.


Wiki Spaces

Wikispaces provides one individual wiki account with the limited number of users and unlimited messages per registered account for free. You will be allocated with 2GB storage space on the server and will have access to all the features. some of those features following WYSIWYG editor, image file and upload, page linking, and widgets. The process for setting up a website in WikiSpace simple and easy.



Now your Wikipedia Site will be up and running. Do all the needed tweaks to make it more complete. If you still have doubts in the installation process, jump into the comment section and shout out your questions and feedbacks.

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  1. I am very new at blogging and trying to understand all the IT things. While its very overwhelming, this post introduced me to something I never knew before and makes me want to learn more….Thanks

  2. I have a project which needs documentation. I was dreading the task of writing documentation because I didn’t really know how to make it easy to navigate until this reminded me of wikis. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

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