AdSense Approval Process – A Brief Guide For Beginners

For the sake of all bloggers, who are struggling to get their AdSense approval. Today i’m going explain about the AdSense approval process, one of the best contextual ad network.

Every new blogger will be looking at some of the ways of incoming opportunities from blogging. One of the best way every blogger prefer to get money online is by placing ads in your website. Many Ad networks are available to give you money for placing their codes in your blog. AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika  are some of them. Encapsulating more ads in your website will initially reduce your visitors count. So good to find a network which will beneficial for both site user and owner.

From my knowledge, Google AdSense is the best Ad network. AdSense is a best Contextual Advertising Network from Tech Giants Google. All you have to do is place AdSense ads in your blog and start writing Quality Content to drive more traffic to your blog.

Features Of Using AdSense:

There are mainly two advantages which will drastically improve your packet.

  1. AdSense is contextual network which will display ads depending upon your website content.
  2. It also uses cookie method to display content depending on the user’s search history.

So AdSense always tries to display targeted ads, which will be eventually good for you and your blog.

AdSense Approval Process:

Before 2016, AdSense approval process was simple. You will create your account which will be later reviewed. Once AdSense accepts your invitation you can implement ads on your blog.

But from 2016, changed the approval process which is easy for new publishers.

  1. Build your website complete with all the required pages including About, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages.
  2. Sign Up for Google AdSense.
  3. Copy the code to your blog.
  4. Wait for 48 hours for approval.

Once you are initially signed up for AdSense you should create ad codes from your dashboard. Copy those codes and place it in your website or blog. These ad codes will be blank until the final review is done. Make sure you don’t remove the codes from your blog for any cause before approval.

Once your account is approved, a confirmation email will be sent and will also start earning money. Once you reach the $10 range, AdSense will mail a pin to your address. You have to confirm your address by entering the pin in your AdSense account.

Your approval process ends once you verify your address. The minimum pay out of AdSense is $100. Google will send you or wire your earning. Read the A to Z Google Adsense guide for more information.

Still, have doubt on AdSense approval process? or Do you have any tips to get instant approval? Comment your ideas below to help the community.

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Abdur Rahman

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