ABC Murder’s – Book Review

“So, Hashtings – we went hunting once more, did we not? Vive le sport.”

Hercule Poirot, ABC Murder’s

I have always been a fan of crime novels. And I’m really glad that I started
this year with Agatha Christie’s ABC Murders because it turned out to be such a great start. If you ever want to see a lot of efforts in holding the readers to the book, then you have to have a book like ABC Murders.

A fast-paced noir crime thriller in Poirot series that builds a unique way for bringing you into the story.

Just About Author

Agatha Christie was an English writer known for her 66 Detective Novels and 14 Short stories, particularly notable for her novels revolving around her fictional detectives named Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. She is one of the most famous writers in history.

Around the Hood

For Agatha Christie novel’s, just her name is enough for book lovers irrespective of design in the front cover. However, the cover did its work well and good. It has a simple image at the backdrop which lays out a old chap at his rear view. He is standing at the pathway near the railway track wearing a typical trench coat and a fedora. Above the image, the title’s green color along with the name “Agatha Christie” in the autograph typeface added essence to the overall cover.

Poirot, Hastings and Christie at the parmount.

Potrayal of Characters

Hercule Poirot is a personality who is readily pleasing. He will surely solicit and gee you by his increasing articulate. Every now and then he reminded me of Sherlock Homes, By then just by being who he is, he will win a seperate place in your heart.

He has a knotty personality and I love how flawlessly he can step into the different roles. The unlikely alliances that he forges along the way are something to look forward to. He is calm and patient and extremely down headed. The other characters were also quite captivating including Hastings and other characters involved with the crime scenes.


The climax was the best thing that could ever add this much power to the rest of the ABC Murders. It ends with a tempting and captivating tone. We also get to know that ABC Murder’s is running as a TV series in BBC and needless to state I am already excited for that too.

From what I’ve understood about this, the story of Hercule poirot will continue.

Authors Writing Style

ABC Murders is fast-paced and racy. It promises something new at the turn of every couple of pages and that is what makes it compelling. Agatha Christie used simple language and the book can be easily read in a single sitting.

Since the book is written with different perspective, it is also quite interesting to get into every major character’s mind and know the thought process behind his each and every move.

The book also has a lot of Poirot vs Cust moments which make it all the more interesting. There are times when the story takes an entirely new direction and the reader is left stunned. And the End is one of them 😉

I also like the way Christie likes to keep it simple and stays away from unnecessary details.

His subtle detective sense and knowledge are flawlessly imbibed by the characters that voice them and they don’t overpower neither the character or the story.

What Did I Like

I think the best part of ABC Murder’s is how much effort and thoughts the author has put into penning its crime and detective scenes and its details.

When you read the book, you are reading it from three different point of view and the way each describes the situations that they usually lands in, are just mindblowing. It’s as vivid as watching a slow-motion detecive scene – the dramatics, the skill, the technique, the enemy’s each and every move, Agatha’s prevision and resistance to each move – its all so authentic and convincing.

PLOT: 8/10
CLIMAX: 10/10

source : Books Of Mine