I Wish I Had Not Married My Love – Book Review

A month back I received the review copy of this book from Bookplanet PR. To be frank, I was not impressed with the cover initially. So it remained in my TBR pile for a while. But sometimes, as a reader, you have this strange sudden desire towards some books, that how I got into this.Its Title and back cover description was enough to make me give this book a go.

I’m a big fan of mysteries and thriller and every reader will love it when they find a diamond in the rough. I wish I had not married my love was yet another romantic thriller which I completely enjoyed. This will remain in the list of few books which I completed in single day.

What to expect?

The book is an easy read which will convince the readers who love short mystery novels that can be done in a day or two. I wish I had not married my love talks about love, friendship and it’s importance.

I wish I had not married my love, as stated above, is a mystery thriller. It can also be termed as a novella more specifically.

What is the Story like?

I wish I had not married my love is the first of Ashish Sharma’s work. The book, just like most of mystery novels, continues to narrate the story of its three main characters – Madhav, Akshara and Mohit.

Madhav, a upright man, is charged with sexual harassment by one his colleague, who later pronounced guilty by the enquirer committee led by his wife Akshara. Mohit, Madhav’s close friend shocked to hear this and decides to meet the two to find the the backdrop. But the next morning, Mohit’s was stunned to see the news channels flashing the terrible news of his best friends suicide.

Mohit takes the onus to find out the truth! He decides to unfold the entire mystery.


The plot of I wish I had not married my love is nicely knotted. As the pages turn by, the mysteries of the story is revealed layer by layer. There are multiple subplots which add to the suspense and the entertainment quotient of the book.

How good are the characters?

The characters really played its part to grasp the readers into the pages. Mohit is a guy who continues to seek answers for his best friends demise. His decisions and lifestyle sometimes make you rewind your college days. Akshara’s character is good. She is successful and continues to support Madhav through thick and thin.

I was easily able to relate myself to Mohit and feel his emotions towards friendship. The depth this character covers remains the key feature for this novel.

I love that quality of Madhav and certainly enjoyed the way of getting to know him better.

Author’s writing style

I love how Ashish Roy has tried to introduce more mystery and reality in his work. There is a decent plot in place but the climax will be the hero of this book.

In an age when Indian writers are scripting out some wonderful pages, Ashish can be easily survived. For regular readers who are looking for something extra, something unique, this book is for you.

He makes use of a simple language which is easily understood. His main focus is on creating thrill and that is aptly achieved. The fact that he is able to write a good thriller in just over 100 pages speaks a lot about his skills as a writer. In the end, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters.


From the title itself you can predict the base line of the story and after reading the description or the prologue, you would surely make up your mind. But that’s where Ashish played his part. The one part which I loved the most in this book is its climax. And i’m not ready to leak out the spoilers.

The Final Verdict

All-around, I wish I had not married my love is an decent entertainer. It is a nicely composed novella with some interesting characters and well-executed plots, together, all of which succeed in recounting us an appealling mystery thriller story.

PLOT: 6/10
CLIMAX: 8/10

source : The Book Planet PR