Harappa – Book Review

Just Finished and diving straight into the review with my thoughts still fresh. Harappa gets an extra star for Vineet’s way of blending history, mythology, religion and crime. While I did enjoy the pages for its way of drawing me into the story of primitive metropolitan and its enlightenment, it also had me shaking my head in incredulity over some choices on characterization. Harappa is one of the book that should be acquainted in your TBR list.

Count On

What should you count on from Harappa?. Harappa, Curse of the blood river is a modern day mythic thriller. It affirms adventure, hazards, quest, exploit and fantasy. Readers who love the conception of mythological seeks will surely find Harappa as a good read.

Story As It Goes

Vidyut, an entrepreneur from Delhi summoned by his dying ancestor from Khasi. Where in the other part, a world’s most powerful religious institution in Rome is flustered by Vidyut and assigns Europe’s dreaded crime lord to assassinate him during his visit to Banaras.

The story gets involved with two timeline parallely.

Timeline A – 2017 AD Delhi, where Vidyut visits his great Grand Father, The old Brahmin chieftain of the Dev-Raakshasa Matth. And the story of assassins dreaded to kill vidyut.

Timeline B – 1700 BCE Harappa – This part deals with the magnificent city in the banks of mighty Saraswathi river. Most part of this ancient story worked on treachery, taantric, exorcism and bloodshed on Vivasvan Pujari.

What binds Banaras, Rome, Goa and Harappa is what Harappa is all about.

Writing Style

Vineet has some admirable ways to keep the reader in his grip. I love the way he handled most of the sub-characters. Vineet however, seemed to be attentive of the reality and has taken care to not exaggerate it.

The author fastens together the elements of mythology, ancient rituals in an uncomplicated style. The Harappa is a perfect indian version of Dan Brown’s series.


Climax is what dissapointed me a lot. It took me close to 20 days to finish this book, only to find it ends with a cliff-hanger. Another disspointment is the unnecessary usage of ‘half human half god’ phrase every other page which ultimately didn’t add anything to the story.

Apart from these shortcomings the writing was actually good, the proposition of this plot was rather interesting. Could have easily cut short some 100 pages with unrelated information.

The Final Verdict

Fast-paced, lots of action, could do with another round of editing as a few errors, but a pretty accurate portrayal of a Modern-Mythical day story.



PLOT: 7/10
CLIMAX: 6/10

source : Books of Mine