Reincarnation – Book Review

Reincarnation has a beautiful cover and a pleasing story outline. One look at both was enough for me to get the ARC on my kindle and get started. Before reading the book, I went on to search for the perspective of others around, however, it is a bit misleading. The biggest thunderbolt of the story is that it will give you different vibes at the turn of each chapter. If you are looking for a book to surprise you that this book be the one to go.


What is the story line?

Peter, the protagonist of this story is cursed by the mother of his love ages ago. He was doomed to live a immortal life of flamboyant semi-monster. Apart from him, heroine of this story, Irina was also cursed by her very own mother, to live nine lifetimes in which her memories of other lives would be wiped out every time so that the couple wont be together in any of their lives. Irina meets Peter when the creature in Peter grabbed away her while she was having a ecstasy moments with a friend of her. Later which peter captured her and precedes himself as a rescuer which gives both a chance to live their long lost love life again.

Another point to the story is that Irina will be in her last life, ninth one after which she wont to reincarnated again. So this is where the story gets heated. The story depicts peters trepidation of revealing Irina about their past lives and the curse of her mother. Will Peter divulge about their previous versions to Irina, which is already gained momentum and is rushing forward now to change their lives eternal forever.


How good are the characters?

The characters of Reincarnation are a fine bunch. However the main story whirls around Peter and Irina, the story also has other important characters like Timothy, Irina’s best friend. Doreen, a guardian angel and a good witch. As far as I feel the characters were depicted wonderfully by the authoress to keep the story fast and going.

I would have loved if some more light was shed on the aspect of the part where Peter revealing his own-self to Irina. There was only skin-deep mention of their past and nothing concrete which is a sad thing because their character could have done with some interesting backstory, the kind which could have given some profundity and image on other characters too.


The writing style and the plot

I feel Scerina Elizabeth’s writing style in this novel is pretty unique, each chapter portrays same situation in each characters perspective, which helps us to sense the actual feel of characters. She manages to create intrigue and ecstasy throughout the book. The first chapter start off with Irina’s erotic meet with Timothy in a graveyard. Scerina is able to drag us deep into the story from the very first line of the book.

I love how the authoress is able to bring out raw sensations of all her cast. The plot of Reincarnation reveals the sense of each person in layers. It is structured in a way that keeps the reader guessing right until the end. There aren’t many subplots to speak of.


The Climax

The climax is where Reincarnation goes down. It was so much predictable and failed to give a befitting end to the beautiful story of Peter and Irina. I would love to comment on it some more but I am afraid that in doing so I might give away some spoiler. So it’s better not to write about it anymore.


The Final Verdict

My personal recommendation would be to go for Reincarnation. As I’ve already stated in the above, this books give a whole new lot of life to the classic tale of “Beauty and the Beast”. It is a fast paced dark ecstasy novel which brings deeply emotional side of its cast outside and manages to bring the same within us. Even if it is compared with “Beauty and the Beast”, I would state it as a unique tale of love, romance, ecstasy and hope.

PLOT: 7/10
CLIMAX: 5/10
Source: ARC from Booksprout