10 Types Of Post Headings To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Most of  the newbie bloggers dont care about their post headings and will write them as they like. you can have a look at this 10 Things You Should Know Before Creating Your First Blog to get though the basics of blogging. But actually post headings are the one’s which drives visitors to your blog. High quality content in your post may make audience to spread your words in their network. But only post titles will make your audience land on your pages. Using the following words in your post headings will increase your site traffic. But the heading can only drive you traffic, you should provide High Quality contents to make them engage in your blog. To increase traffic on your site, do concentrate on your headings too.

1. “How to”

How to posts actually gets you huge number of visitors. People usually use internet to learn new information’s. So posting How-to posts actually grabs huge amount of audience and new visitors to the page.

Example of how to post : How to increase traffic?

A how-to post on a simple topic can also become a huge hit. Content matters every time. Don’t simply create posts. Create new ideas that can actually make change to someone’s life. They may be searching for a answer for a hour or two. So when they reach out your how-to post, they actually wants everything about that particular topic at that time. Simple giving a headline about the subject may make you loose one subscriber.


Even if they know you are dealing with the false subject, they will love to share your content all because of its controversial part.

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