10 Things You Should Know Before Creating Your First Blog

Hello bBloggers, Creating your first blog will surely give you head ache. Usually newbie’s will get confused on everything from finding a best “niche” for the blog to finding the right online hosting platform.Now I’m going to mention some necessary steps you should take before creating your first blog.

Step 1

Finding best niche for your blog

What is a niche??

Niche is basically what your blog is about, what you offer to your people. Your niche can be a broad one or may be a narrow one,but no niche is called a wrong niche.you must have to find a best niche that best suits your passion.

Don’t fall into a trap, which every blogger would do during initial stages. Lot of people will spend time and money in niche, in which they cant survive. Find a niche ,which you are passionate about, because you don’t need to do extra home work for the stuff you are passionate.

Finding a niche would go as a disaster, by any of the following reasons.

Reason 1

You will find a niche, which you are passionate about. But that niche wont be having any monetary value. This usually happens. Audience matters in blogging. We are going to shout at the world with our unique ideas and stuffs. You can think of doing the work which you love for years, but after one or two years when you realize it won’t get you money or feed your kids, it really hurts more. We need money, without money we can’t even do the thinks we love.

Reason 2

Finding a niche purely based on profitability. For the sake of god ,it won’t get you anything truly. You may write posts and stuffs in that niche for months, but you will get sunk in blogging world without exploring the most out of it. Blog is all about durability. You cant do a thing purely for money for long years. so a niche is completely depending upon each and every unique blogger. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and which may also feed you later point in your life.

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Step 2


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